This poem was written a year ago in my tumblr and I hope you guys like it..:) L.O.V.E Love is not what you bought in a market, Love is a not a useless thing It is not miserable. Love is the only thing that you long for many times Love is the beautiful thing that …

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What Is The Use Of?

What is the use of humanity, if the human are not being human? What is the use of love, if the  human kill each other? What is the use of faith, if the human still do wrongs? What is the use of law, if the human can runaway from their punishment? What is the use …

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Lost Love

This poem I wrote in order to be combined with other poems written by my friends for our poetry class exam.. Passing the cold alley and sculpted angels On this dark gloomy day Everything seems so cold and quiet I am here standing and trembling Gazing to you No Laughter No smile No longer can …

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