Indonesia? Bali?

Several weeks before summer

A: Hey, what will you do for this summer holidays?
B: I think I will go to somewhere tropical, but I haven’t decide it yet.  Maybe Bahamas, Maldives,
Jamaica, Hawaii, errr, I dunno. Still thinking.
A: Wow, it sounds a lot of fun. Summer in a tropical country, sounds amazing.
I’m jealous with you..
B: So, where will you be heading for this summer?
A: Hmm… my mom and dad are planning us a trip to Indonesia. And I don’t even know where it is!
I wish I could as lucky as you. Going to a tropical place for summer holiday is my dream.
B: Well, maybe you can visit one someday. Btw, where is your favorite tropical place?
Maybe I could visit that place and then tell you about my holidays. hehehe…
A: I wish I could go to Bali. That place is so beautiful and tropical.  I want to see the beaches there.
Many said that it has a lot of beautiful beaches, rich cultures and yummy food. *dreamy eyes*
B: Okay, I’ll schedule my trip to Bali, then. hahaha… And you, have fun in Indonesia while I’m exploring Bali… 😀
A: Hufftt.. Okay, you laugh!

(Two weeks later in Changi Airport)

Announcer: This is the boarding call for passengers on flight XG-7788  to Indonesia.
Please proceed to gate 3 immediately.
A’s Mom      : Honey, A, that’s our flight! Let’s go! I can’t wait to see Indonesia! 😀
A                      : Yeah…Whatever… If only we could go to Bali, not Indonesia!
B                      : Ah, that’s my flight, XG-7788. But, wait, to where? Hmm, excuse me ma’am, where is flight XG-7788 heading?
Flight Staff: Well, the flight XG-7788 is heading to Indonesia, sir.
B                      : No, it isn’t right. You must be joking. I want to go to Bali not to Indonesia. This is wrong! Maybe my flight number is wrong!
FS                    : No, sir, I’m afraid not! Your ticket and flight number are correct and you’re heading to Indonesia.
B                      : WHAT?!
A                      : Mom, Dad, wait!! That’s my friend, B!
Hey, B! What are you doing here? You supposed to be in Bali! It’s surprising we meet here! *wink*
B                      : Hi, I couldn’t believe meeting you here. As I told you, I’m going to Bali, but it seems my flight is wrong or I don’t know.
The staff told me that my flight is going to Indonesia. I just couldn’t believe it.
A                      : What is your flight number?
B                      : XG-7788. And you….rs?
A                     : WHAT?! We are in the same flight. How could that be possible?
A                     : Excuse me, miss. Is flight XG-7788 going to Indonesia or Bali?
FS                   : Both of them, sir!
A & B            : What? How? How come?
A’s Dad       : Kids, don’t you know that Bali is located in Indonesia?
FS                  : He is right, sir. Very correct! (smiling the friendliest smile to A & B)
A & B            : ……. (dropping jaw)
A’s Mom     : Kids, come on! We don’t wanna miss the flight, do we?
A & B           : ….

I can't believe it man! Where have I been?
I can’t believe it that Bali is in Indonesia! Where have I been?

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