Happy New Year 2014

Hello 2014! Happy New Year everyone.. 🙂 I hope you’d have a beautiful New Year’s Eve celebration moment this year. I know it’s late to say this greetings, but I think there is no ‘late’ for this-happy-new-year-saying to you since it’s still January. January is the first month in this 2014 and the gate to all new craziness and surprises ahead which are still waiting to be found. Starting a new year with a lot of resolutions that we usually do to revise our unfinished resolutions in the last year is a common thing.  But, sometimes we can not stay on the track to finish our new plans/resolutions and end up in disappointments. To some people new resolutions are to have a better body shape, a new job, a new house, a new car or else. But to me, they are not resolutions, they are the desires. It’s okay to have a great body shape, a new shining car, or a new house; but the resolution of those desires should be the actions taken to be done in order to accomplish the desire you want to fulfill. It is that usually wrongly mistaken by most people to define. Most people stating that their desires are the resolutions while the exact definition of the word is the action or process to make their desires/dreams come true, e.g working harder, saving more, etc. I, myself, choose not to make a lot of resolutions or even none. Because I think making new resolutions is not something we should do only in the beginning of a new year, but also in everyday in our life.  It is something that we do everyday to make our life more meaningful and useful not only for ourselves but also to others. Resolution to me is the action that we do after having a self-introspection. We should look into ourselves each time when we feel that something had gone wrong or should not suppose to happen and fix them so that we can be a better person everyday. Hope your new journey in 2014 would be tremendous and as beautiful as the stars in the night skies which sparkling every night to beautify this world. Happy New Year all! God bless us! 😀


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