Easter Day: A Farewell Trip Which Should Not To Be Cried On

Today is Easter Day and also a special day because it’s Easter Day–means Christ had had arisen  from death thousand years ago to defeat death and save all the sinners–and also, after I went to the church this morning I spent  almost my whole day with my friends. We went to Depok Beach or Pantai Depok located near to Parangtritis Beach/Pantai Parangtritis, Yogyakarta, to do a farewell party or farewell trip for our beloved friend,  Arrienda Rizky or Mbak Rinda, as we usually called her. This trip was initiated by Devi and then she spread the news to all of our friends. Totally, there were 12 of us who joined this small ‘celebration’ including Mbak Rinda herself. I caught them up after I finished my Sunday service and met them in the beach later on. When I arrived there, they had already ordered the lunch and done playing in the beach. Though I might have been missing some fun with them, but I felt so happy then because I could meet them this afternoon. They were green scallops, cakalang fish, kerapu fish and squids that my friends had ordered for our lunch menu to accompany our staple food, rice. It was a very warm afternoon. Full of cheers and laughs and the sun was shining brightly that time. Yeah, it was a very sunny day on Sunday in the beach. 🙂

Later, after we finished the lunch we decided to go to another place called Parangendhog. It’s about 20 minutes from Pantai Depok. The place is located in the higher ground where you could see everything below you. The place was beautiful, very beautiful. You could see the valley that surrounded that place and the beach from that hill. Many tourist came here to fly their paragliding and landed on the shore. At first, I was so scared to go to this place because to reach this place we should go uphill with our motorbike to the station. This could be so dangerous if you’re not very skillful in riding motorcycle, just like what happened to me. At the first climb, when I tried to change the gear level from 2 to 1 suddenly it went off while several friends were far away in front of me. I got stuck in that road and felt so weak to push the bike on the road uphill. But, thanks God, other friends of mine came and helped me. One of my friend, a guy, helped me to climbed it up. After that event, we continued our riding with me riding my motorcycle by myself again while my friend that helped with the motor went back riding his motor. In short, we arrived in a place where we could park our motorcycles and also got us some refreshments. It was a little kiosk with a small parking lot. Then, we headed to the hill by walking. The path was shaped into stairs-look-alike and it was from stone, limestone rock. The stair was kind of steep but, thanks God, not very slippery. So, we hiked uphill very carefully until we reached the top hill. I was afraid because it was very high and if you just did a slippery walk, you will fall into the ground and maybe it’ll bring you to death. In addition, I also afraid of heights, so that’s my dilemma.  I couldn’t stay alone in the kiosk but I could not go into a higher place just like what I did this afternoon, but, yeah, I did it.

Still, I felt so shaky when finally stepped my feet on Parangendhog. It was very high and you could see the valley around that place, the forests and the beach. It was beautiful sight yet deadly if we did not very careful on stepping our feet.

The view arena from the top of the hill
The view arena from the top of the hill
the view arena
the view arena
the view arena faced to the beach
a hill above the view point/arena
the view point/arena facing to the beach


All my friends were talking while I captured them in a picture. They looked so bonded.

Actually, I was happy at that time but I had to control my afraid of heights, too. So, it’s a quite job for me in this afternoon. I felt happy, too, because I spent my Easter Day with my friends to beautiful places and, importantly, we’re all coming from different background families but still we can be together in a harmony. At that time I said, “Mbak Rind, nanti kalau kamu pergi (ke Jepang) pasti ntar kita nangis deh dibandara.“–(trans. “Mbak Rind, when you’re leaving to Japan I think we will cry at the airport.”). But, she replied, “Ah, gak usah nangis. Aku gak kepingin/ingin dibawa sedih. Kita senang-senang saja. Anggap saja ini sebuah perayaan.“–(trans. “Don’t cry. I don’t want to feel sad right now. Just have fun today. Takes it as a celebration.” ). When this moment happened, I think “How could she act like this while most of us may be felt hard to lose her?” Then, I recalled every moment that we shared for almost 2 years with all of our friends. It was beautiful and touching. In all ups and downs that we’ve been through these years, there were always happiness around us. Though she will be only staying in Japan for six months, but her cheerful smile and hilarious laugh would be be missed by us. Perhaps, I am sounded like a silly person in this case–feeling sad and do not want her to go because I’ll be missing her so much– but it happens always when you are facing a ‘farewell’ moment with your beloved ones.
It’s not only me who felt like this, I thought. Everybody did. She leaves when most of us are composing our graduation paper for undergraduate program and we are afraid that when she comes back six months later, only few of us are left in this city, Yogyakarta. It means that may be this was the last time we met her. This’s our last chance. I thought this was her reason of saying “Takes it as a celebration”, making this trip as our celebration of life because there is nothing to be regretted. Because this is life–when there is a start, there will  always an end. Nothing needs to be cried on in this life especially in a regretful way.


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