It’s Clear (now) !!! I’m A Melancholic-Phlegmatic Type Person..

October 2nd, 2012, I had a Softskill class and the topic that we’re talking on was  “Personality”. My lecture was opening the class with some introductions and asked us about our personalities.. I thought, “Hmmm, I think I know what this class would be.” I smirked. Then, she gave us a sheet of paper with many types of human character such as resistan, self-sacrificing, bold and so on.. She wanted us to fill it up and read them carefully and tick it with the best match we think we have in ourselves.

I got confused with some word though my lecture had mentioned some meanings of some words but still it’s hard for me. :-p . Few minutes had past, now it’s time to check all our ticks. All my answers of those questions led me to a conclusion…At that time, my lecture said if you answered mostly in the 3rd column, it means you’re a melancholic person. I looked into mine and voila! mostly, I put my answers on that column.



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