I’m BACK!!!

Well, after a long “vacation” I come back here with you and write this blog again.. 🙂

Two months ago, after I finished the final exam, I went to Belitong Island or Belitung Island precisely on East Belitung regency to do a KKN or Kuliah Kerja Nyata or a Community Field Service Course. It took about 35 days or 1 month and 5 days. It’s like taking one big change of your life and you DID see that’s “building” people isn’t that easy. It’s hard but also fun, though it also made me cry and felt like stupid. But thanks God I made it and I realized that God’s trying to change me into a better person through all events that happened at that time. I was so thankful to have those kind of friends who helped me and supported me and also made me realize that life is worth to fight and life is about communicating and depending on others. Cause I know that for long time ago I’ve lost my trust for other people. But I learned that I should try to, slowly, change that thing..hehe..Yeah, I’m on my way to do it..

Well, anyway, I want to tell you about how beautiful Belitung and East Belitung are, but maybe this time isn’t the right time. So, maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you my story.. 🙂

This picture was taken in Tanjung Kelayang, Belitung Regency. My friend took the picture. The beach is so blue and the sand is white…very refreshing



One thought on “I’m BACK!!!

  1. Postcards are often terrific at balancing beautiful images with simple, welcoming text. Try to recreate that style for the title slides at the beginning of your shows. It will go a long way toward connecting the scenery found in your vacation photos with the story you tell in your show. Plus, if you’re visiting someplace new for the first time, postcards will often introduce you to local attractions that you might be interesting in shooting.


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