Ode to She (Requiem)

You are one of the most beautiful girl in my life.
You gave me happiness, priceless memories and friendship.
You taught me how to dance,
You gave us shelter in our exile,
you always gave us your unbroken smiles
and made our days so bright.
Do you know how much I miss  you ?

It’s a long time, a long time,
we haven’t see each other.
I remembered when you played a keyboard
in the class; It was music class.
You sang and played the music so beautifully.
Everybody’s giving applause for you.

Do you remember when we practiced for our exam?
We practiced the drama at your home.
I was sometimes felt bored yet I was happy too,
though I was only had a minor role, but
staying around friends were a joyful moment, wasn’t it?

You were always so happy,
never complained, always thanking to Him.
I never knew since when I admired you,
but the truth is I love the way you brought out your voice.

Hey, this is so sentimental,
Don’t you hate sentimental and silly things, do you?
But yes, I am so sentimental.
Sweetie, should you lay your strength today?
Don’t you miss me, and the girls, and the boys
who shared the rhythm of youthful?
You and I–always be “are” and never be “were”
friends and sister in a nation, and in the name of women.
Yes, though we’re different,
but we are sister in the name of Indus and Nesos.


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