I dream of a moment
I smell it but I can not touch it
I wonder if I can taste it but it seems no hope–
it’s like wishing  in a well  to touch the moon.

I have a  dream of this moment,
a moment when I could do anything I love,
anything, every thing, it sounds graceful, right?
But it is not.

I wonder why people accusing us to something we did not do,
we’re not harming them,
we only do what we should do, just like every one else do.
We should stay every week on the pavement and chanting Thy glorious cantus,
and we pray for Thine highness.
Oh, Father, why we can’t luxuriate the same sense like them?

This feeling is getting stronger and cannot be hold anymore,
Freedom! I want Freedom!–A sense which each of us cannot pursue for years,
We will not stay silent anymore, we will not remain unmoved this time.
Today, we declare our voices to be free, freed from this pressure,
and with us Thine power will give us our long hope, and yes, yes
it’s our Freedom.


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