A Letter to Papa

Papa, I knew every day
you woke up earlier than the rest of us
You prepared yourself to fight the cruelties of this world,
the sun heat, rains, cloudy skies or even brighter skies,
you put the duties first on your shoulder.

You worked every day, every minute, and every hour, only to fulfill the barn.
You’re never bothering yourself with “This work is really hard,
I don’t want to do this!”
You’re never complaining for every drop of your sweat, only for giving us
a better life, what you have dreamed for so long.
You never told us how did you feel about your works,
what you give to us only a face says “Everything’s fine.”

You’re willing to lose your own time just for us, your family;
and when we think that you are not thinking ‘bout us,
You do think about us.
But Papa, why don’t you wait for a moment to take a breath?
Please, sits and relaxes for awhile,
Have a deep sip of a cup of coffee, buttering your bread,
and read your morning paper.
Please, don’t stick with your job too hard.

Papa, let us do our turn and you, please, take a rest.
Papa, you can, now, sleep without burden,
and what you need to do is praying for us
and let us grow like the teak, like the ship while sailing in the middle of the ocean
steady to conquer the storms.

Papa, don’t you know that you are like conifer to us,
which survived through seasons, and never turned into brown?
Papa, you are like a guardian who protect us from any harm from this world,
You are never bent down to troubles,
Papa, do you know that your warmth hug
is what I need most?

Papa, please be healthy and live long,
Live for next hundred years so we can give you
what you have to deserve; live longer so that you can look to us
with proud of our triumph in conquering this fight.
Papa, we hope you will smile to us and say “I’m very proud of you.
My job is done, ‘cause you did good jobs!”


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