Dreaming You

I dreamed of you last night,
I saw you smile tenderly
Only to me.

You smiled with every grace of yours
and made me hold my breath away,
I could predict that my heartbeat was like the sound of drum
It was fast and really fast that sounded like the drums of war.

I never thought that you would appear in my sleep
It was like I am the happiest person in the world
just because you smiled at me.
You looked like a very beautiful angel came down to earth
with your very white wings and your luminous face.

I saw you came near and closer to me,
You touched my hands and said “hello, what are you doing here?”
I was freeze and standing like a statue hoping that my cheek
did not seem too red like tomato stew.
At the moment I was unfreeze and said “I’m just here.. Staying around..”
Then, you smiled again.

It was like I am in a fantasy and felt like the world stand still,
But it’s over when the alarm ringing and waking me up
and what I see in front of me is you, standing gallantly and smiling sweetly.


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