A New Day

As I awake from my sleep,
I see the cryptic stars and the moon through my window;
They seem so invisible yet astonishing as they fade away behind the clouds.

It is a fresh morning where dewdrops fall into your feet,
When you step on the grasses; this morning is an unassuming grace
which you cannot resist.
I wanna sniff the smell of gerberas, peonies, jasmines
and lilacs which bloom this morning.

The birds are singing and bathing on the fountain
While butterflies flying to the sky and reaching new horizons.
It’s the day when I can feel the smell of dewdrops,
when I can smell the odor of fresh leaves.
It’s a new day where you can smell the taste of luck
It’s a fresh morning with a deep breeze from the north
It brings me a new hope like the migration to the south
I hope it will not be only a new day but the beginning of a wonderful life.


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