Your Love

Your love is an unassuming grace
Your love is my life incantation
Your love is like opium
Your love is like a battery that refills my energy

Your love is perpetual,
Like an Edelweiss blooming at once and being evergreen.
Your love is the rhythm of my heartbeat
Which liven up my heart.

Loving you is like living in a paradise
Which makes my life feels red, blue, green, yellow, white, pink and blue;
Your love is like a candy,
Sweet, smells good, delicious and fascinating.

Your love is surrounding my life
Without your love I could not be like this;
It is like the warmth of Summer has come to me and brings me lovely life.
Though winds and waves come through between us,
Your love cannot be resisted.

It can’t be annulled or forgotten,
Cause it has been written since the first we met.
Cause your love is my power.


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