Solve the Problem!

Never extend the problem, but solve it as fast as you can
—Felix Maringka—

That quote sounds simple yet meaningful, right? Well, it astonished me since the first I heard that statement. I heard it from a grandfather who appeared in a singing audition contest. It was his answer when the judges asked him about his experience in handling marriage problems which could struck anyone anytime. It made me thrill when heard it. Along with his answer, I am thinking back again to our nature as human who are selfish and being too proud so that we are being ashamed if we’re asking for an apology–even when we had a fight with our beloved ones. Each of us have our own egos and this usually makes the quarrel get worse. We usually tend to be the ones whom to be asked his or her apology not the ones who become the apologizer. So, I think that this quotation is one the best motivations that we can remember when we have a problem with anyone so  we don’t have to get chilled by that fight but we can get closer with them after the fights. 🙂


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