This poem was written a year ago in my tumblr and I hope you guys like it..:)


Love is not what you bought in a market,

Love is a not a useless thing

It is not miserable.

Love is the only thing that you long for many times

Love is the beautiful thing that you can feel

Love is a reaction of chemical hormone in your body

But Love cannot be broken if it has been attached to your soul.

Love is not expensive

Love is not cheap

Love is not easy

Love is not hard

Love is Love

You cannot measure it

It doesn’t have an exact scale

Love is not always perfect, but Love is pure.

Pure is not Love,

Love is like a sword

A sword which can be your friend

Also your enemy

Love is a guard

Love is an exterminator

Love is only Love

Which cannot be started as you wish

Which cannot be stopped as you you want

Love is like flower buds in spring

Which bloom in her time

It spreads the nice smell

But when it’s dead, It is has no odor anyway

Love is Love

As you like it or not

Many have admit it

Many have refuse it.

You have no rights to ask for love

Because it comes to you when you like it or not

Because it is only Love

It chooses the right when it right

When the bad comes or the right appears

It is Love It find its way to make it happen.

Cause it is Love.


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