14 March was a boring day

Yesterday was my birthday—14 March. It was flat and silent. There was nothing that can be proud of. I felt like a stupid monkey waiting bananas on a tree. Well, I felt everybody forgotten me and I did not know why I felt such thing. And the truth is I am afraid of leaving my teen ages and have to move into the year of 20s. This birthday is the worst that I had. Everything seemed so routine and ordinary. I just slept in my dorm room and rested after spending my day on campus. No cake, no candle. Just me, Only me. What a perfect day, huh..
But at least, I was still happy that some people still remember me at posting their greetings on facebook or twitter..:)
May be it’s just my frustrated feelings..haha..Yes, living on the dorm made me sick and alone..But one thing that I can be happy of is I’m really into Italian.. I feel that I’m in love with Italy—the culture, musics, movies, everything..It sounds refreshing..:)


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