Just an unfinished song

I wake up in the morning and open up the window
and seeing out the garden and smile.
I see the blue sky today
I see the blue sky today
I wonder if you knew that I love you so much

Remember when you said you wanna go with me
To the party of your best friend tonight?
You look so fragile and vulnerable but
your smile makes me believe
I see the blue sky
I see the blue sky
On your eyes
On your eyes
I see your smile through your eyes

You waited for me to answer your offer
It seemed that your worries had grown
Afraid that I came to refuse
You felt that it’s like taking a year to hear my answer
But it’s just a minute
And then your smile was unfolding
Showing the infinite joy of you
When I was saying yes

I see the blue sky today
I see the sun rise today
I never felt this way before
It feels so right and so good to me.