Sunday’s Thought

This morning was a great morning to refresh my mind with new spirit in life. I went to church this morning at 09:00 AM so that I could catch up the congregation on 10:00 o’clock. Actually, I’ve been confused with myself whether I should go to GKI Gejayan or HKBP in Kotabaru. Then I decided to go to GKI Gejayan as I always do. Why was I confuse? Because it’s been a long time for me to not attend the Sunday worship in HKBP in Yogyakarta since I live here except in my hometown, Bekasi. In short, I went to GKI Gejayan with my motorcycle. What makes me like GKI Gejayan is the preaching. The preaching is always lifting up the theme which can support us to face the life and being more positive and appreciate our life and people around us. For example, what I had this morning was a very good one. It was about suffering. He was referring to Jesus’ statement that if we want to follow Him, we should take up “the cross” and deny ourselves. The priest was telling us that ling this life we should pass the pain, we have to suffer so that we could taste the sweetness or happiness in life. He said “to do everything or anything we should try hard to reach our goals in our life. We cannot ask for for our life to be always easier. Because through the suffering our character is going to be build and it will shape us into a strong and tough person to survive and face the problems in this world.

For example, a student’s life. Being a student means to study hard and studying is not only when we’re going to face the exams but every day or every time so that we are ready to face everything in the next time. Studying is hard and makes us as students suffering but then it will give us happiness or it will help us in the future and makes us successful. Many students who’re not want taste the pain will do a cliche system of studying, an overnight studying. It may help us get the marks on the exam but it cannot improve our level in studying and learning our lesson.”
In this time when I heard his preach, it was like a satire to me and also a satire to the condition which we might face together. He added that corruption was also happened from the same problem. Many people did corruptions because they did not want to feel the pains and difficulties in facing their lives. They did not want to work hard to get what they want.

These sentences are true and I admit it and he cross that we should pick up is our obligations, duties and responsibilities toward our jobs and people around us. Although it was a preach referring to Biblical words but the explanation of it is very universal and it’s true. As we know, there are many people abandon their responsibilities to serve other people and only take care of themselves. They did not care of taking someone else’s money to fulfill their desires in life. Many of us living on our selfishness and under estimating other people.

The preacher was also saying about denying ourselves. Denying means to be not selfish and follow God’s will. I think this one was a very hard thing to do, not only for me but also for everyone. I think human have natural sense to be selfish and proud of themselves. This is why we should denying of ourselves. We should be more obedient and not being selfish. We should serve people around us and help them. I think this statement is true and I agree with it. What I could get from his preaching was suffering is not always hurtful. Somehow suffering is needed to shape ourselves to be stronger and tough so that we can fight towards the problems that may come after us. Suffering is hurtful but it will build our character if we also remember that this suffering will be end and lead us to the happiness which we longing for.


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