Anne Frank

Anne Frank. She was a holocaust victim of Nazi. She was born in German but then moved to Netherland and spend her life there until her family was captured and moved to Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. I like her journey during her hiding in Secret Annex. She told us through her writing about her feelings in Annex. Living behind the door in a secret place and should not be seen was an under pressure life. She told about how she should be careful when she had to take a bath and not make any noise. She lived there with her parents, her sister, the Van Pels, and a man who she called as Albert Dusseldorf but later it’s revealed that his name was Fritz Pfeffer. They lived carefully and with anxiety of their lives. She wrote her life story because she wanted to be a writer and also she heard an announcement from the radio which said that the Dutch government would give a prize for anybody whose writings, about the war at the time, were published by the government.

Then, she started to write a diary on her birthday gift, a diary book. She called it Kitty. She wrote not only her life on the hiding but also her life before she was hiding. She wrote with her own style. She put many comments on what she wrote and usually criticized it. She talked about many things in her diary  including her feelings to a boy that she liked. She liked Peter Van Pels but she later questioned herself about her feeling toward him. Anne put a lot of her dislike to her mother. She thought that her mother liked her sister, Margot so much rather than Anne. This made her irritated and get closed with her father. She loved he father, Otto, so much and devoted to him.

In her book, The Diary of A Young Girl, Anne might write a simple story of how her life happened and it’s only journals. But her journals, even though it’s not saying much about how she lived in the concentration camp, could give us a description on how the Jewish people were discriminated and were considered as  “disease” by the Nazi. I think her biography is worth more for us so that we can learn from it. We’re not living alone with our own race but we’re living in this world with other people and there is no one who have a higher place than the other one.

I remember Anne’s words and she said, Because paper has more patience than people. She made me believe that writing is one of many ways  to express your feelings and it never complained to you. It just listened to your writings about your feelings.

And at last, I assume that her writing was incredibly simple yet powerful like what she had said, Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness. Her writing was unconsciously represent a single candle which can defy and define the darkness of human falseness.


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