The death of Khaddafi’s son and grandchildren

Yesterday,May 1st 2011 I heard a news about the death of Khadaffi’s son and his three grandchildren and followed by a celebration from Opposition party in Benghazi. Well, what came into my mind at the first time was why people become so happy with the death of Khaddafi’s son and grandchildren?? I thought that it was not good. Well, I agree if this ruler of Libya should stop reigned in that country but should they (the opposition) celebrate this death of Khaddafi’s son and grandchildren? I think it don’t need to celebrate anything cause for me they had lose their feels.

it made me feel that what was happened to Saddam Hussein falls into the same tragedy to Khaddafi. Both of them lost their son.

Maybe some people won’t agree with me, but should some people killed their enemy’s kins to make this enemy bow down?

I don’t think so..


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