Mother (Woman)

Mother is the best creature and title in this world. Being a mother is not as easy as you think. Being a mother means the world is in her hands. To raise a child is not only make them growing up, but also make them understand about this world, understand about our duties as human, to make the new generation can do better things than the past generations. In her hands, we cry, we laugh, we smile. She never complains to us for everything that we have done to her. She knows how to calm us, she knows how to let us fly, she knows how to make us feel comfort. She is always there whenever we need. As a woman, she is always trying to be strong for us. She holds all the burden in her shoulders, she never asks for help. Mother, she is always as strong as reef. Her love is unconditionally. Her love is pure and full of mercy.

Woman and motherhood cannot be separated. It’s always be there as a whole part. I love you mom..
Thank you for your love.


2 thoughts on “Mother (Woman)

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