Yogyakarta, 26 October 2010. There was mount merapi eruption. It released tons of volcanic ashes, gravel. and many else. In October 26, 2010 there was an earthquake and then tsunami in Mentawai Island, West Sumatra. It killed almost 413 people.. It’s really horrible. I couldn’t imagine that phenomenon happened. Before those disasters happened, there was flood in Wasior, Papua. I hope Indonesia will be save. I can’t imagine there were three disasters happened in the same month and each of them is really close. And this morning I heard from TV that there are almost 7 mounts which shows the higher level of volcanic activities, they are Mount Papandayan, Mount Egon, Mount Anak Krakatoa, Mount Lere Boleng, Mount Lao Tobi, Mount Semeru, and Mount Kelud. Perhaps, more than 7 mounts in Indonesia will show us their volcanic activities. I hope those catastrophe will end sooner and brings hope and happiness..Let’s #prayforIndonesia…:)


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