Indonesian Vocabs Part 2

A. Family

1. Father: Ayah, Bapak.* The most general and widely used

2. Mother: Ibu, Bunda* * People will use different names for calling parents based on their ethnicity, faith, living area or region.

For Father:

a1. Babe (pron: Ba as in ‘Bunch’, Be as in ‘Bend’ or ‘Bench’) used in Betawi culture, esp. in DKI Jakarta and its nearest cities such as Tangerang, Depok and Bekasi.

a2. Papa or Papi: used in urban cities or in middle-class to upper class family. Its widely usage is influenced by the Dutch colonialism in the past. The word is also used in inter ethnics or interracial family in Indonesia, such as Javanese-Bataknese, Bataknese-Minahasa, Javanese-Chinese, Sundanese-Javanese, Indonesian-European, Indonesian-American, etc.

a3. Abi: used mostly in Moslem background family or descendant of Arab people. But not all Moslem use this calling name, too. The usage depends on personal matters.

a4. Abah: used mostly in Sundanese culture and a little in Betawi culture.

a5. Aji: used in Balinese culture/region

a6. Amang or Amung: used in Bataknese culture

a7. Rama/Romo: used in mostly Javanese aristocrats


For Mother:

a8. Mama or Mami: used in urban cities or in middle-class to upper class family. Its widely usage is influenced by the Dutch colonialism in the past. The word is also used in inter ethnics or interracial family in Indonesia, such as Javanese-Bataknese, Bataknese-Minahasa, Javanese-Chinese, Sundanese-Javanese, Indonesian-European, Indonesian-American, etc.

a9. Ambu: used in Sundanese culture

a10. ‘Nyak: used in Betawi culture

a11. Inang: used is Bataknese culture

a12. Ummi: used in Moslem background family or descendant of Arab people. (see Abi)

3. Daughter: Puteri/Putri, Anak perempuan

4. Son: Putera/Putra, Anak laki-laki

5. Brother: Kakak/Adik Laki-laki, in some regions are using Abang (Sumatran, Sulawesi, Moluccas, Papuan background)  or Bli (Balinese background), or Koko (Chinese background), Mas (Javanese culture) for calling big brother.

6. Sister : Kakak/Adik Perempuan; in Javanese culture, the term Mbak  and  in Chinese culture term Cici are used to call big sister. *The word ‘Kakak’ is a general term to call older siblings (sister or brother) and cousin or senior in school or college. *The word ‘Adik’ is used to call younger or little siblings (sister or brother) and cousin or junior in school or college.

7. Father in law: Ayah/Bapak mertua

8. Mother in law: Ibu mertua

9. Stepbrother & stepsister: saudara laki-laki tiri & saudara perempuan tiri (whether older or younger)

10. Stepfather & stepmother: ayah tiri & ibu tiri

11. Uncle: Paman, Om

12. Aunt: Bibi, Tante

13. Cousin: Sepupu

14. Grandfather: Kakek, Opa, Eyang Kakung, ‘Mbah Kakung, Aki, Ompung Doli

15. Grandmother: Nenek, Oma, Eyang Putri, Mbah Putri, Nini, Ompung Boru

16. Child, Children: Anak, Anak-anak

17. Baby: Bayi, Anak bayi

B. Social Circle

1. Friend: Teman, Kawan (unisex)

2. Best friend: Sahabat, Kawan/Teman Karib

3. Close friend: Teman dekat

4. Foe/Enemy: Musuh/Lawan (noun)/Rival

5. Girl friend: Teman perempuan

6. Girlfriend: Pacar (female lover)

7. Boy friend: Teman laki-laki 8. Boyfriend: Pacar (male lover)

C. Animals

1. Bird: Burung

2. Goose/Swan: Angsa

3. Duck: Bebek/Itik/Entok

4. Snake: Ular

5. Monyet: Monkey

6. Dog: Anjing

7. Cat: Kucing

8. Fish: Ikan

9. Horse: Kuda

10. Rabbit: Kelinci

11. Ant: Semut

12. Honeybee: Lebah madu

13. Zebra: Zebra

14. Orangutan: Orangutan

15. Bear: Beruang

16. Tiger: Harimau

17. Leopard: Macan tutul

18. Lion: Singa

19. Cheetah: Cheetah

20. Black panther (leopard panther) : Macan kumbang

21. Whale: Paus

22. Dolphin: Lumba-lumba

23. Crab: Kepiting 24. Shrimp/Prawn: Udang

25. Lobster: Lobster

26. Squid: Cumi-cumi

27. Octopus: Gurita

29. Pig/Swine: Babi

28. Giraffe: Jerapah

30. Cow: Sapi

31. Water Buffalo: Kerbau

32. Bull: Banteng

33. Mosquito: Nyamuk

34. Fly: Lalat

35. Worm: Cacing

36. Gorilla: Gorila

37. Peacock: Merak

38. Crocodile: Buaya

39. Shark: Hiu

40. Pangolin: Trenggiling

D. Plants

1. Mahogany: Mahoni

2. Oak: Ek

3. Teak: Jati

4. Pine, Fir: Pinus, Cemara

5. Rose: Mawar

6. Jasmine: Melati

7. Orchid: Anggrek

8. Carnation: Anyelir

9. Chrysanthemum: Krisan

10. Cananga/Ylang-ylang: Kenanga

E. Stationery 1. Book: Buku

2. Pencil: Pensil

3. Pen: Pulpen, Bolpoin

4. Ink: Tinta

5. Ruler: Penggaris

6. Eraser: Penghapus, Setip

7. Pencil Sharpener: Rautan, Pengraut

8. Glue: Lem

9. Stapler: Stapler

10. Tip-X: Tip-X

F. Direction 1. Right: Kanan

2. Left: Kiri

3. Front: Depan

4. Behind/Back: Belakang

5. Beside: [di] Samping/Sebelah/Sisi

6. Above/Over/Top: Atas

7. Below/Under: Bawah

Another thing I’m sick of: blaming fat women for our lack of clothing options

Tutus And Tiny Hats

rack of floofy betsey johnson dresses Give me the pretties, pleeeeease.

While I’m on a roll of ranting about things that piss me off, here’s another one: the recent trend of blaming the lack of plus size clothing options on the supposed buying habits of plus size customers. This piece in TIME, and this one on Fashionista are two examples, and they make me so viscerally angry that it’s hard to respond articulately–but I’ll try.

“[R]eal change for plus-size fashion will come when customers make more conscious purchasing decisions,” claims the TIME piece. Hahahahaha, no. Real change will come when companies realize that fat women are people and start making clothes in our size. It’s kind of ridiculous to insist that fat women’s shopping choices must be the issue, when our whole problem is that we don’t have enough options to choose from in the first place.

In the Fashionista article, a blogger named…

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Indonesian Vocabs Part 1

A. Ucapan Salam/Greetings

1. Hi : Hai
example: Hai, Dani! Hi, Dani!

2. Hello : Halo, Hello
example: Halo, Geri! Hello, Geri!

3. Good Morning : Selamat Pagi
example: Selamat pagi, Pak. > Good morning, Sir.  Selamat pagi, hadirin yang terhormat. > Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

4. Good Afternoon : Selamat Siang or Selamat Sore
example: Selamat siang, Bu. > Good afternoon, Ma’am.  Selamat sore, murid-murid. >  Good afternoon, students.

5. Good Evening : Selamat Malam
example: Selamat malam, Pak. > Good evening, Sir.  Selamat malam, Karin. > Good evening, Karin.

6. Good Night* : Selamat Malam
Good Night is used only before you parted with your friends/companions.
example: Selamat malam, Tono. Sampai berjumpa lagi. >  Good night, TonoSee you again. 

7. Happy Birthday : Selamat Ulang Tahun

8. Merry Christmas : Selamat Hari Natal

9. Happy Eid Mubarak/ Happy Aidl Fitr : Selamat Hari Idul Fitri/ Selamat Hari Lebaran

10. I am sorry or Forgive me  : Saya minta maaf or Maafkan saya/Maafkan aku

11. Sorry : Maaf

B. Asking/Questions

1. Who ? : Siapa, Siapakah
example: Who can show me the way? Siapa yang dapat menunjukkan saya jalan? or Siapa yang dapat menunjukkan jalan kepada saya?   Who is she? Siapa dia?  or  Siapakah dia?

2. What ? : Apa, apakah, [Seperti] Apa
example: What is this?  Apa ini?  What is that? Apa itu? What does she like?  Seperti apa dia?

3. Which ? : [Yang] mana
example: Which one do you like?  Yang mana salah satu [yang] kamu suka?  or  [Yang] mana salah satu kamu sukai?

4. Where ? : [Di] mana, [Ke] mana
example: Where I should go?  Ke mana saya harus pergi?  Where is that place?  Di mana tempat itu?

5. Why ? : Mengapa, Kenapa (informal/daily use)
example: Why are we stopping here?  Mengapa kita berhenti di sini?  OR Kenapa kita berhenti di sini?

6. How ? : Bagaimana
example : How do I look?   Bagaimana saya terlihat?  How is that possible? Bagaimana [hal] itu mungkin?

7. How + Much, Many, Long, Far ? : Berapa or [Se]berapa, Berapa banyak (Much & Many), Berapa lama (long), Berapa jauh (far)
example:  How much it will cost?  Berapa banyak [uang] yang akan di keluarkan?
How much do you need?  Berapa banyak [yang] kau butuhkan?
How many people can join the meeting?  Berapa banyak orang [yang] dapat bergabung di dalam pertemuan?
How far is it? [Se]Berapa jauh [tempat itu] ?
How long she had gone? Berapa lama dia telah pergi?

C. Nouns & Pronouns

1. I : Aku, Saya, Gue (slang/daily use mostly in urban cities, this word mostly used towards friends).
It will be more proper if you use Saya or Aku for daily use to acquaintances, colleagues or even families and friends.

2. You : Kamu, Engkau, Kau, Kalian, Loe (the usage is as same as ‘Gue’)
Most and general daily use is Kamu. Engkau and Kau are mostly used for poetic writings. Kalian is used when mentioning more than one person.
Example: Hi, John, Hannah! Where are you going?  Hai, John, Hannah! Kalian [mau] pergi  ke mana? OR Ke mana kalian [mau] pergi?

3. We : Kami, Kita
Kami and Kita have the same meaning. But, at some point, the two terms have a slight difference
The slight difference between Kami and Kita are:

Kami is used when the speaker is referring to himself and his friends or people who are, at that time, together with the speaker. The speaker uses Kami because he wants to differ himself and his friends from the hearer. Kami is also can be used by the speaker when he presents himself as a representative from a group or community.

Kita is used when the speaker is referring to himself and the hearer as one group.

a. Mom: Okay, kids!  We are going to Surabaya for our holidays.  Baik, anak-anak! Kita akan pergi ke Surabaya untuk liburan kita [nanti].
b. Cheerleader Capt. : We are from Garuda Cheers Squad.  Kami dari Skuad Cheers Garuda.

4. They : Mereka
example: They are going to Lombok.  Mereka akan pergi ke Lombok.

5. He : Dia (laki-laki/pria) (Male/Man)

6. She : Dia ( perempuan/wanita) (Female/Woman)

7. It : itu (benda, hal, hewan) (Inanimate/animate Objects, Things, Creature, Animals)

D. Modals

1. Can/Could  :  Dapat, Bisa

2. May/Might   :  Boleh, Dapat, Bisa

3.  Will/Would  : Akan, Akankah

4. Shall/Should: Harus, akan

5. Want/Ought to  : Ingin/Mau

E. Additions

1. Ada  :  Is there…?, Are there…? There is…, There are…

2. Bolehkah/ Bisakah/Dapatkah : May I…? Can I…?

3. Jam berapa?  :  What time is it?

4. Dari mana, dari : From

5. Ke  :  To

6. Sudah : Already finished, already.

7. Belum  :  Not yet

8. Tidak : No, Not

9. Ya : Yes, Yeah

10. Berapa jam/ berapa lama  :  How many hours…?  How long…?

11. Pulang-pergi  : Return

12. Kembali  : Be back, Come back, Return, Go back

13. Tujuan : Destination

14. Keberangkatan : Departure

15. Kedatangan : Arrival

16. Mohon : Please

17. Tolong/Bantu : Help, Please help…

18. Bandara/ Bandar udara : Airport

19. Kereta api : Train

20. Bis or Bus : Bus

21. Harga : Price

22. Gratis : Free/ Gratis

23. Diskon/Korting  : Discount

24. Jalan-jalan  : Sightseeing

25. Mungkin, Bisa jadi/Boleh jadi  : Maybe, perhaps

26. Mungkinkah  : Is it possible?

27. Pantai : Beach

28. Gunung, Pegunungan  : Mount, Mountain

29. Menemani  :  To aaccompany

30. Mengunjungi/Berkunjung ke  : To visit

31. Rumah Makan  : Restaurant

32. Kafe : Cafe

33. Warung Makan  :  Food Kiosk/Small Restaurant

34. Dokar/Pedati/Delman/Andong  :  Wagon/Cart/Carriage

35. Becak  : Pedicab

36. Ojek  :  Motorcycle Taxi

37. Makan  : [To] eat

38. Makan/Makanan : Food, Meal

39. Sarapan  : Breakfast

40. Makan siang : Lunch

41. Makan Malam : Dinner/Supper

42. Minum  : To drink

43. Minum/Minuman  : Drinks, Beverage

44. Toko Kelontong/ Warung  : A Kiosk ( like a convenient store, but a small one)

45. Swalayan/Minimarket/Indomaret/Alfamart : A Convenient Store

46. Mal : Mall, Department Store

47. Habis/Selesai/Tamat : Finished/ Done/End

48. Habis/Tidak Ada/Hilang  : Gone/ There is no more.

49. Kehabisan  : Running out of…

50. Penuh : Full, Occupied, Crowded

51. Kosong  : Empty, Vacant

52. Pelabuhan/Dermaga : Port/Pier

53. Terminal Bis : Bus Station

54. Stasiun Kereta : Train Station

55. Utara : North

56. Selatan : South

57. Timur : East

58. Barat : West

59. Pesawat : Airplane, Plane

60. Kapal Laut : Ship

61. Kapal Feri : Ferry

62. Kapal : Boat

63. Sopir/Supir : Driver

64. Jalanan : Road/Way

65. Rumah Sakit : Hospital

66. Apotek : Pharmacy/Drugstore

67. Dokter : Doctor

68. Suster/Perawat : Nurse

69. Kebun Binatang : Zoo

70. Museum : Museum

Kenangan dari Putri Adam

Kosong dan sepi dirimu kini walau kau tak benar-benar kosong.
Putih dirimu bagaikan susu yang lembut dan memuaskan dahaga.
Dulu kau penuh canda dan gelak tawa,
keriangan dan senyuman selalu tersebar di seluruh penjuru
hingga tak mungkin kau dibilang tak bernyawa.

Kau yang selalu membuat setiap jiwa didalammu merasa seperti satu,
Kau menerima jutaan ekspresi dan kenangan dari setiap jiwa yang pernah
ada bersamamu. Kau adalah tempat para Putri Adam menyandarkan
jiwa dan raga mereka di kala meraup asa kehidupan.
Kau, ya Kau, tempat bersemayamnya mimpi-mimpi itu,
mimpi-mimpi yang lahir dari rajutan pengetahuan dan pengalaman,
sulaman asa, haru, kesedihan dan kebahagiaan.

Kini, kesepian lah yang sekarang menyelubungimu,
selubung yang tercipta karena waktu dan teknologi.
Tak banyak lagi keriuhan yang tercipta di dalammu.
Setiap malam, saat seharusnya menjalin rasa,
setiap jiwa hanya menetap di dalam bilik mereka
memberi sekat di antara para Putri Adam.
Dulu mereka akan saling mendahului memasuki
salah satu bilik para Putri dan mulai merajut cerita dan kenangan.
Dan mereka akan bercerita hingga sang teropong jiwa
tak kuat lagi menatap.
Sekarang yang ada hanyalah ruang-ruang yang berdiri kokoh
di huni para Putri Adam dan sekat-sekat tak kasat mata di antara mereka.
Ruang-ruang yang kini hanya dianggap peraduan semata,
dan bukan tempat menyulam kisah di antara para Putri.

Kau sekarang hanya terlihat seperti kastil kosong tanpa nyawa
yang mulai usang. Seperti kesenduan memancar dari jiwamu karena
tak lagi di hujani keriuh-rendahan canda dan tawa.
Namun kamu tak bisa apa-apa,
waktu dan zaman telah mengubah para Anak Hawa itu.
Roh mereka berbeda dengan Para Putri Adam yang dulu.
Mungkin, ada satu masa kau terisak dan isakan itu tak pernah
benar-benar bisa terdengar oleh para Anak Hawa itu.
Mereka sungguh tuli dan buta tentangmu.
Mereka tak benar-benar bisa melihat harapan yang Kau gantungkan
pada diri gadis-gadis muda itu.

Lalu di akhir purnama depan, Kau tersenyum
pada mereka walau Kau tahu masa kesudahanmu akan usai.
Kau tahu suatu waktu para Putri akan benar-benar pergi
meninggalkanmu dan harapanmu.
Dan kau menatapku sambil berujar, ‘Ah, jangan bersedih Putri!
Aku takkan benar-benar sendiri dan sepi. Akan ada masa
saat para Putri kembali lagi; berbisik-bisik bahkan menguraikan
gelak tawa bersamaku. Dan aku akan menjadi pendengar
mereka yang paling setia.’

Kemudian aku tersenyum padanya sebelum aku betul-betul
meninggalkannya. ‘Terimakasih dan sampai jumpa lagi’, ucapku dalam hati.

Indonesia? Bali?

Several weeks before summer

A: Hey, what will you do for this summer holidays?
B: I think I will go to somewhere tropical, but I haven’t decide it yet.  Maybe Bahamas, Maldives,
Jamaica, Hawaii, errr, I dunno. Still thinking.
A: Wow, it sounds a lot of fun. Summer in a tropical country, sounds amazing.
I’m jealous with you..
B: So, where will you be heading for this summer?
A: Hmm… my mom and dad are planning us a trip to Indonesia. And I don’t even know where it is!
I wish I could as lucky as you. Going to a tropical place for summer holiday is my dream.
B: Well, maybe you can visit one someday. Btw, where is your favorite tropical place?
Maybe I could visit that place and then tell you about my holidays. hehehe…
A: I wish I could go to Bali. That place is so beautiful and tropical.  I want to see the beaches there.
Many said that it has a lot of beautiful beaches, rich cultures and yummy food. *dreamy eyes*
B: Okay, I’ll schedule my trip to Bali, then. hahaha… And you, have fun in Indonesia while I’m exploring Bali… 😀
A: Hufftt.. Okay, you laugh!

(Two weeks later in Changi Airport)

Announcer: This is the boarding call for passengers on flight XG-7788  to Indonesia.
Please proceed to gate 3 immediately.
A’s Mom      : Honey, A, that’s our flight! Let’s go! I can’t wait to see Indonesia! 😀
A                      : Yeah…Whatever… If only we could go to Bali, not Indonesia!
B                      : Ah, that’s my flight, XG-7788. But, wait, to where? Hmm, excuse me ma’am, where is flight XG-7788 heading?
Flight Staff: Well, the flight XG-7788 is heading to Indonesia, sir.
B                      : No, it isn’t right. You must be joking. I want to go to Bali not to Indonesia. This is wrong! Maybe my flight number is wrong!
FS                    : No, sir, I’m afraid not! Your ticket and flight number are correct and you’re heading to Indonesia.
B                      : WHAT?!
A                      : Mom, Dad, wait!! That’s my friend, B!
Hey, B! What are you doing here? You supposed to be in Bali! It’s surprising we meet here! *wink*
B                      : Hi, I couldn’t believe meeting you here. As I told you, I’m going to Bali, but it seems my flight is wrong or I don’t know.
The staff told me that my flight is going to Indonesia. I just couldn’t believe it.
A                      : What is your flight number?
B                      : XG-7788. And you….rs?
A                     : WHAT?! We are in the same flight. How could that be possible?
A                     : Excuse me, miss. Is flight XG-7788 going to Indonesia or Bali?
FS                   : Both of them, sir!
A & B            : What? How? How come?
A’s Dad       : Kids, don’t you know that Bali is located in Indonesia?
FS                  : He is right, sir. Very correct! (smiling the friendliest smile to A & B)
A & B            : ……. (dropping jaw)
A’s Mom     : Kids, come on! We don’t wanna miss the flight, do we?
A & B           : ….

I can't believe it man! Where have I been?
I can’t believe it that Bali is in Indonesia! Where have I been?

Delighted to Support Desmond Tutu’s Forgiveness Challenge

I really agree with him.. By forgiving other people, it will heal our wounds, be cutting of the violence chain and give us happiness in our life. Let’s forgive other people. 😀

The Blog

We’re humbled to bring you this interview with Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho Tutu about their new Global Forgiveness Challenge as well as, a platform for transformational ideas that Archbishop Tutu is co-founding with book and media creator Doug Abrams. is delighted to be a partner in this initiative.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter, Mpho Tutu are trying to change the world with the Forgiveness Challenge. Get involved! Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter, Mpho Tutu are trying to change the world with the Forgiveness Challenge. Get involved!

What is the Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge?

The Forgiveness Challenge is a free 30-day online program developed to help people learn the practical steps to forgiveness so they can live with greater love and joy in their life.

How does the Forgiveness Challenge work?

Each day, participants receive an email from us that directs them to a new post on the website that presents an important insight into forgiveness and that offers them…

View original post 913 more words

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Dancers among us!


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Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Time-Warner-Marielis-Garcia

“The inspiration for this book came to me one afternoon as I watched my son, Hudson, playing with his toy bus. I was trying to keep pace with his three-year-old mind as he got deeper and deeper into a fantasy involving nothing more than a yellow plastic box and armless figurines. At least that’s what I saw. He saw frantic commuters rushing to catch the 77 local bus to Australia. He jumped in place, mouth open and slapping his knees, joyously reacting to a world I couldn’t see, but one powerfully present for him.”

“What happens to this enthusiasm, this ability to be wholly present in the moment? Why are these pure moments of passion so often replaced with cynicism, boredom, and indifference? As I played with my son, I thought about creating photographs that would show the world as if through his eyes. The people in the images…

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